Defence and Security

Emond Harnden understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing the defence and security industry today, and we know that a strong work environment is key to keeping your organization on mission. With a long-standing practice in the defence industry, combined with our practical and proactive approach, we know how to identify and neutralize risks in your human resources operations.

Entering a new joint venture or looking to expand?

  • We know that partnerships with other companies and contractors are key to maintaining and growing your business in the defence and security sector. We help ensure that your organization doesn’t encounter any issues with employees and unions that can hinder your organization’s ability to secure contracts and ensure your organization can contribute effectively when engaged in joint ventures. We will help you identify and mitigate joint venture risks and help mitigate successor rights for both union and non-union employees.

Need to meet security requirements?

  • Whether you are new to the Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Contract Security Program or looking to meet requirements for a new contract, our experience can help your organization navigate onboarding new employees and ensure they can contribute to your organization’s mission success.
  • Once your organization is registered, our team can also help answer any questions your employees have as they complete the required security screening and work toward meeting any other condition of their employment with your organization.

Do you have questions about unions and labour laws?

  • We can provide advice and guidance to ensure your employment policies, practices and agreements are compliant with labour laws and identify opportunities to reduce liability and employment related costs.
  • If your business is growing, you will be on the union radar. We make sure your growth doesn’t make you a target by helping remove an employee’s motivation to consider unionization.
  • If you are already unionized – with our extensive experience at the bargaining table, whether as a negotiator or as a backroom advisor, we can help you execute a labour relations strategy so that you can continue to grow in the industry.

Are you navigating employment regulation in the federal and provincial jurisdiction?

  • We can help your organization navigate the complexity of any union or employee issue in both the federally and provincially regulated operations.

Looking to part ways with an underperforming employee?

  • We understand the complexity of managing a workforce and sometimes an employee’s performance no longer meets your expectations. We can provide advice on building performance management plans, hiring, training, and terminating employees.

Is a former employee or union taking legal action against you?

  • We only practice in labour and employment law and have extensive experience defending the interests of our clients in the defence and security sector. Whether your organization is in wrongful dismissal litigation, arbitration, labour board proceedings, before a human rights tribunal, or appearing at a health and safety prosecution, we are ready to protect your organization.

Need to improve management skills?

  • We can tailor and deliver training to help your team become more effective in their role and ensure your organization stays legally compliant.

These are just a few of the services our team can help you with. Think of us as your trusted advisor for all your workplace relationships, from the time an employee starts to the time they depart your organization.

Defence and Security Team

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