Human Rights

We provide a full suite of services relating to workplace human rights issues, including:

  • Ensuring that our clients comply with applicable human rights legislation
  • Providing essential assistance in the development of human rights policies, as well as in the design and delivery of employee training programs
  • Providing expert and experienced legal representation for employers in the event of a human rights complaint


Current challenge

  • As unions and employee counsel are stretching the traditional boundaries of human rights protection, the complexity of human rights issues is increasing dramatically. This trend will continue as tribunals, arbitrators and courts support some of these novel claims.


How we address this challenge

  • We have an extensive knowledge of the human rights tribunals’ rules, practices and members, both at the provincial and federal levels.
  • We provide employers with experienced and skilled representation throughout all stages of human rights complaints including investigations, mediations, and the hearing stages.

For more information on our expertise in Human Rights, see below:

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