SOP # 15-1 The Job Advertisement

Recruiting the best people begins with attracting the right candidate through the job advertisement.  When drafting the job advertisement you need to know your target audience, address them in the language they understand and offer them what they want.
Here are some tips for drafting effective and legal job advertisements:

  • Job advertisements are different than job descriptions.  Job descriptions are used to pull essential qualifications into the job advertisement but typically job descriptions contain far more information than is necessary in a job advertisement.
  • Be specific about the role and outline precisely the skills you are seeking.  The job advertisement should clearly outline the essential qualifications from other ‘nice to have’ qualifications.  Remove the jargon, unless it is language that your target audience should understand.
  • Talk to the reader.  Avoid using “the successful candidate” or “the ideal applicant” rather use the word ‘you’, i.e. “As an experienced pilot, you have over 5000 hours…” or “Coming from a strong aviation background, you will be expected to…
  • Describe the work environment – particularly if frequent travel or remote basing is required.
  • Offer challenges, not rewards.  Challenges are more likely to attract someone with drive and ambition.
  • Sell your company! Make sure the ad supports your brand– is the company growing, any recent awards, recognition, accolades?  Sell the company but don’t exaggerate or paint an unrealistic picture.  Be mindful that it is a job ad, not a company ad, don’t spend too much precious space on this point.
  • Consider including the salary range.  Candidates will save your time (and theirs) by not applying if you can’t meet their salary expectations.
  • Be mindful of potentially discriminatory language, i.e. don’t seek Canadian experience only, there are remote and northern landscapes in other countries too.
  • Ask for a cover letter in addition to a resume.  Cover letters can provide insight into communication style and character and provides an additional screening tool.
  • Include contact details and indicate that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
  • Consider your target audience, are there trade associations, colleges, job fairs, conferences, or online groups where advertising your vacancy will generate more qualified applicants?

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