August 8, 2020 – CUPE’s plea to Trudeau: “Let us work or bail us out”


Air Canada, WestJet cabin crew unions implore Federal Government to ‘Let Us Work’, or bail us out





  • Public Service Grievance Board – Term of Employment – Tremblay v. Ontario (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry), 2020 CanLII 52533
    Managers in Aviation Services objected to discontinuation of salary allowance, rolled into new base salary following job evaluation exercise – issue was whether salary allowance a distinct working condition or term of employment – employer argued salary allowance tied to previous classification, not position – complainants did not suffer immediate reduction in remuneration, but argued loss of future opportunities for wage increases or progression – Board found salary allowance to be a term and condition of employment, unilaterally changed by employer – complainants clearly rejected  change – breach of employment contract – issue of remedy remitted back to parties
  • Employment Standards – Payday – Plaza Premium Lounge B.C. Ltd. (Re), 2020 CarswellBC 1874
    Operator of airport lounges appealed Director of Employment Standards’ refusal to grant payday variance – employer sought additional two days to provide pay to facilitate payroll processing at headquarters in Hong Kong – employer argued variance would allow more frequent and more accurate pay cheques for employees – Director found variance sought did not meet requirements, no compelling benefit to employees justifying deviation from standards – employer argued Director erred in law by applying more strenuous standard of “compelling benefit” rather than “standard of fair treatment” contemplated by ESA – broad discretionary authority to approve or deny a variance – Director’s conclusions reasonable – appeal dismissed
  • Workers’ Compensation – Presumption of Occupational Injury Trans-Sol Aviation Service inc. et Spence, 2020 QCTAT 2753
    Ramp agent entitled to benefits for concussion sustained at work – entitlement confirmed on administrative review – employer appealed conclusion of occupational injury – test to establish presumption of occupational injury met – appeal dismissed
  • Workers’ Compensation – Imputation of Costs – Securitas Transport Aviation Security Ltd., 2020 QCTAT 2776
    Temporary assignment of boarding agent following workplace injury – benefit costs imputed to employer – employer appealed cost assignment because employee continued to work after her injury – evidence showed employee performed only some of regular duties but not how much of regular duties they represented – lack of evidence to demonstrate employee performed regular duties – appeal dismissed



  • Application – 1697355 Ontario Limited c.o.b. Gateway North Outfitters Determination No. A-2020-149
    Suspension of Licence No. 160046
  • Application – K & M Ventures Ltd. – Determination No. A-2020-148
    Continue the suspension of Licence No. 150079
  • Application – Fort Frances Sportsmen Airways Ltd.Determination No. A-2020-147
    Suspension of Licence Nos. 962337 and 967115
  • Application – ACASS Ireland Limited Determination No. A-2020-145
    Pursuant to subsection 73(2) of the Canada Transportation Act, SC 1996, c 10
  • Suspension – FSS Aircraft Management Services Inc. – Order No. 2020-A-133
    Licence Nos. 020157, 020158 and 050090
  • Suspension – Executive Express Aviation LLC c.o.b. JA Air CharterOrder No. 2020-A-132
    Licence No. 090080
  • Suspension – Trans North Aviation Ltd. – Order No. 2020-A-131
    Licence No. 967515 – reinstated effective August 6, 2020
  • Suspension – ASI Charter, Inc. c.o.b. Peak Medevac InternationalOrder No. 2020-A-130
    Licence No. 190015 – reinstated effective August 5, 2020
  • Suspension – Northrop Grumman Systems CorporationOrder No. 2020-A-129
    Licence No. 040082
  • Suspension – Exec 1 Aviation, Inc.Order No. 2020-A-128
    Licence No. 030120













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