October 17, 2020 – WestJet cuts ‘just the leading edge’ if feds don’t provide aid to airlines: experts


WestJet indefinitely suspends flights across Atlantic Canada and to Quebec City



  • Request to Extend Order No. 2020-A-105 by Air Canada – Letter Decision No. LET-A-66-2020Agency extended the period of temporary exemption from the provisions of section 64 of the CTA and section 14 of the Air Transportation Regulations for all carriers that hold a domestic license – air services may be or remain suspended without carriers’ having to provide the normal 120 days of notice or engage in consultations regarding those sections – Agency also extended order to permit any carrier that has provided notice and engaged in discussions for a period of at least 60 days in a manner consistent with section 64 of the CFTA and section 14 of the ATR to permanently discontinue or reduce a service without first needing to resume that service or engage in any further notice or consultation activities – carriers may now comply with paragraph 14(1)(b) of the ATR by publishing any notices of suspension/discontinuance on its website and establishing a dedicated web page for this purpose – effective until March 31, 2021.
  • Suspension – Regal-Beloit Flight Service, IncOrder No. 2020-A-167License suspended pursuant to paragraph 75(1)(b) of the CTA.
  • Application – Vietnam Airlines JSC c.o.b. Vietnam AirlinesDetermination No. A-2020-171Application for license to operate a non-scheduled international service, between Vietnam and Canada, on a temporary basis, until October 13, 2020 – license issued – license shall terminate on November 15, 2020.
  • Suspension – Acadian Seaplanes LLC c.o.b. Acadian AirDetermination No. A-2020-172License suspended pursuant to paragraph 75(2)(b) of the CTA.
  • Application – Fly Coastal Air Taxi Ltd.Determination No. A-2020-173Application for license to operate domestic service, small aircraft – license issued.
  • Suspension – Kolob Canyons Air Services, LCC c.o.b. Business Air Center, Kolob Canyon Air Serivce, Coast to Coast Air AmbulanceOrder No. 2020-A-166License suspended pursuant to paragraph 75(1)(b) of the CTA.
  • Suspension – ACP Jet Charters, Inc c.o.b. Phenix Jet and as ACP JetsOrder No. 2020-A-165License suspended pursuant to paragraph 75(1)(b).
  • Suspension – Executive Air Charter of Boca Raton, Inc c.o.b. Fairwind Air CharterOrder No. 2020-A-163License suspended pursuant to paragraph 75(1)(b).
  • Suspension – Maine Aviation Management, IncOrder No. 2020-A-164License suspended pursuant to paragraph 75(1)(b














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