Collective Agreement Administration & Grievance Arbitration

Our lawyers regularly advise clients on how to properly interpret and apply the provisions of collective agreements that apply in their workplace, with the goal of preventing labour relations disputes and grievances. However, as that is not always possible, our lawyers are always prepared to assist with any individual or policy grievances that our clients might face.

Being a leader in labour law, the Firm has been representing clients at grievance arbitrations since its inception. Members of the Firm attend countless grievance arbitration hearings on a yearly basis, in addition to representing clients in grievance settlement discussions and mediations.

We have excellent relationships with arbitrators across the country. Our experiences with them, and our understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, mean that we can assist our clients in selecting the arbitrator who is most appropriate for a particular matter proceeding to arbitration.

The Firm also has a great deal of experience dealing with nearly every large trade union in the country. Our lawyers are very familiar with labour relations counsel and trade union representatives, which gives us a significant advantage in light of the often subjective nature of grievance settlement discussions and arbitration proceedings.

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